The Fancy Diamond Group is an emerging international conglomerate of dedicated diamantine based in India, Hong Kong, Belgium, Tel Aviv, and USA.
We are big supplier of natural fancy color diamond in the world. Our commitment is to be consistent in catering high quality product and supply.
We specialize in Diamond manufacturing with all natural fancy color diamonds such as, @ Pink, Yellow, Canary, Cap, Golden, Red, Coffey, Green, Bunt, Saffron, Orange, Gray, Chocolate, Steel Gray, Brown, green, L.C, parrot, Mix fancy colors, Mattel-Black etc.,
With VVS1 clarity to all commercial Range,
With all cut's like Round/Brilliant, Marquis Cut, Heart Shape, Princess Cuts, Rose Cuts, Pear Shape, Oval Shape, Emerald Cuts, Cushion Cuts, Brio late, Brown and Black Beads, Black-Brown-White Necklace, Rough diamond Beads etc.,
With all Size from 0.005 Carat to all special Sizes.
And also Particular Sizes with Colors Suitable for Traders, Retailers, Jewelry and Watches unites with local and international Market.


It is for this reason that we have bolstered its age-old trust and reliability earned globally over the past few decades by developing specialized knowledge in varied fields to satisfy every individual customer.
Fancy diamond group today continues FANCY JEWELS b.v.b.a. at Belgium (Antwerp) and FANCY DIAM. at Hong Kong (Asia).PINK DIAM. at Tel Aviv (Israel)
These divisions have successfully established a following of satisfied customers in the global diamond community due to their stress on initiative, innovation and customer satisfaction.


As the CEO of Fancy Diamond Group, We are particularly proud of Fancy Diamond Group remarkable success story.
Our industry is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of fine Natural color diamonds.
We are passionate about excellence and about our business. With a global vision and dedication to serving the needs of every customer, Fancy Diamond Group is an industry with passion and a quest for excellence.

Dedication to our Customers

Our dedication to our customers and insight into their needs has earned us the reputation of being one of the most respected and trusted players in the diamond and jewelry industry.
We are a key infrastructure provider to both small and large businesses. We are partners to our customers in the truest sense.
Our strategic priorities are to maintain our leadership, even through alliances, in the diamond industry and to continue to gain international market share.
The diamond and jewelry industries are increasingly competitive. Our clients as the world's leading jewelers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers are continuously seeking ways to add value to their own businesses.
We believe that as citizens of this globe each one of us needs to become personally accountable to our company.
We invite each one of you to make your individual investment and commitment toward improving our company and inspiring consumer confidence.
We have more than 500 choses in loos Natural diamond for Traders, Retailers, Jewelry and Watches unites.


Fancy Diamond Group is the best source and a prime exporter of high-quality diamond since 1987. We are an Indian diamond manufacturing company. We produce and export an extensive range of diamonds worldwide. Fancy Diamond Group has a well-praised image for taking care of diamonds. We do not just take care of diamonds but we have a great warm in our hearts for the people of India that is why we are providing employments to a big number of Indian population.

All the workers of Fancy Diamond Group are professionally trained and especially expert in their field of work. Through Fancy Diamond Group, we are actually promoting the artistic and creative expertise of the Indian peoples all over the world. This is our minor hand for making India a better and a successful nation.

To enhance its shine clean it with a clean and soft cloth after wearing the diamond. Also clean the diamond before storing it.

Fancy Diamond Group is one of the top diamonds producing company, where diamonds are treated with modern machinery and methods. We polish our diamonds in a special way that makes them more beautiful. The techniques and technology that are used to take care of Fancy Diamond Group diamonds are great as an example of efficiency and expertise.

Fancy Diamond Group offers a fast and fantastic R3 delivery service, our shipments chase the deadlines and your diamonds reach you the exact time you want them.

Fancy Diamond Group only manufactures the best quality diamonds. We shape diamonds into many different shapes which makes the diamonds extremely reflective and glossy. We export all kinds of naturally colored and white diamonds. These natural colored Fancy Diamond Group diamonds are available in 17 different colors like pink, yellow, blue, red, green, copper and many more gorgeous colors like these. All the diamonds are inspected for the affirmation of their high quality. Only the best quality diamonds are selected to be tagged with the name of Fancy Diamond Group.

Fancy Diamond Group is a patriotic Indian brand of diamonds. We aim for the best for our customers and that is why we only pick high quality diamonds for them. Our Customers are the most valuable asset for us and we keep them stay by fulfilling their all demands. The satisfaction of the customers makes us more and energetic. We aim for providing best of bests for our customers every time. Our diamonds are meant to increase the glow of your personality.

The main reason to choose Fancy Diamond Group diamonds are that they actually help you save. A big part of your pocket remains stuffed even after getting a Fancy Diamond Group diamond.

More than a thousand professionals has dedicated their most of time and energy to Fancy Diamond Group. Fancy Diamond Group aims for the prosperity and success of its worker. The marvelous diamonds that are manufactured in Fancy Diamond Group industry are the result of the hard work and sincere dedication by its talented team.

Fancy Diamond Group is presently present in a big number of countries around the world. Belgium, Thailand, USA, Israel, Malaysia, Japan, UAE, Switzerland and UK are prominent in the long list of countries reached by Fancy Diamond Group.

Fancy Diamond Group has a commendable service of world diamonds trade. We are a well known manufactures and wholesaler of diamonds. Our services revolve around the interest and convenience of the customers worldwide.

Our prime importance is to be transparent in our business dealings to our all clients. Our most equipped labor and wide product range enables the costumer to get the best product from Fancy Diamond Group.
Therefore hereby we would like to put a forward few benefits that every client will achieve when dealing with Fancy Diamond Group.

using the most highly equipped labor and skilled machinery. Our consistency in makes, quality material, well trained sellers create confidence in the client to trust in the name brand Fancy Diamond Group

Our manufacturing unit is well aware of the market and the fluctuation of demand in the market and can adjust very quickly to deliver the most demanded goods in the shortest span of time. Our business is really streamlined and due to the variety of goods in terms of quality, sizes, color and fair pricing through which all the requirement of the clients can be fulfilled very efficiently and on time.

our fair and simple business policies reflect in our prices. Our prices are kept after intensive marketing research by our concerned department. The prices are stable and very simple not letting any client get complicated with the pricing. The prices are not rigid and fluctuation of the market is completely taken care of and clients are assured best possible results from our side.

Online benefits

Online shopping is one of the greatest aspects of the internet today. By choosing to shop online you will be able to enjoy many benefits, some of which are self explanatory, others that are not so apparent. we will begin with the less apparent benefits of online shopping. Many people are unaware that they have the ability to save even more money by shopping at an online.
With our online services, the consumer, benefit greatly. Everyone is always in search for a great deal, online shopping can offer you just that.
o Of your complete inventory is maintained on our website where you can view, select and buy in a quick, easy.
o Any time, you may select and avail goods as per your specific current requirement and operate at a minimum inventory level.
o Concentrate more on developing your businesses as purchases can be made at comfort and convenience, rather than spending time, energy and money in traveling to find the desired goods.
o All required measurements like crown angle, pavilion depth, girdle thickness, diameter and length-width of all the diamonds are provided on our website. With this information, you can visualize the stone, and start making your jewellery well before the stone is delivered, in turn ensuring prompt onward delivery to your customer.
o You can download preferred goods from our stock in MS Excel format, for further transmission to your customers.
o We provide passwords where you can only view the availability & price of the goods desired, while only the authorized password (clients) has the right to place an order. This ensures proper selection and ordering and helps save a lot time.

Another excellent example of the money saving benefit of our online service is what is called "Online ONLY" deals. The benefit of this is that we will often offer extensive discounts and savings only to those who purchase specific Stones online.

At Fancy Diamond Group, we are 100% committed to your privacy and the security of the information you provide to us during your visit to our site. We encourage you to review our policies below to ensure your privacy and comfort while visiting and ordering at our web site. If you believe that Fancy Diamond Group is in breach of our privacy policy, please contact us via email at

The Policy promote the standards that we expect all of our suppliers to comply with when producing and supplying Diamonds to Fancy Jewels BV, no matter where they operate in the world. This policy is applicable to Natural Diamonds.

The senior management of Fancy Jewels BV advocate this policy and we shall review as and when changes in the process or compliance requirement or any violation of sourcing policy or Changes in risk and due diligence criteria. We shall carry out review of this entire document at least annually.

We recognise that full compliance with these criteria may take time for some suppliers, and we are committed to working with our suppliers to implement improvement plans and help them achieve compliance. .

Fancy Jewels BV is committed to working in partnership with its suppliers to help achieve compliance with this Policy. .

All the supplier should comply with national and international law and trade requirement like RJC/BPP with respect to Bribery and Corruption, Financial Offence, Labour Rights, Kimberley process and World Diamond Council – SoW, Product disclosure, Labour Rights, Working Condition, Child labour, Forced labour, Human rights, Discrimination, Fair wages and working hours, Environment compliance, Health and safety of the employees and visitor. .

Policy – Supply Chain and Ethical Sourcing

At Fancy Jewels BV, we take Ethical business practice, social and environmental factors into consideration in making decisions on the procurement of Rough or polish diamonds.

This Policy shows FANCY JEWELS BV’s commitment and its expectations for its product suppliers regarding actions to address Conflict Diamonds.

Fancy Jewels BV expects it's suppliers to have in place policies and due diligence measures that will enable us to reasonably assure that diamonds supplied to us containing conflict free diamonds are not belongs to Conflict-affected and high-risk areas – CAHRAs .

We being a responsible company, Fancy Jewels BV supports the goal of the Dodd-Frank Act of preventing armed groups in the conflict affected and high risk countries from benefitting from the sourcing of Conflict diamonds from that region.

Fancy Jewels BV is committed to working with its suppliers to educate them on these matters and concerning steps they can take to obtain increased transparency regarding the origin of diamonds mined or manufacture and sell to Fancy Jewels BV.

Fancy Jewels BV reserves the right to evaluate the extent to which a supplier has failed to reasonably comply with this Policy.

Fancy Jewels BV reserves the right to request additional documentation from its suppliers regarding the origin/source of diamonds sold to Fancy Jewels BV.

Suppliers who do not reasonably comply with this Policy shall be reviewed by Fancy Jewels BV ’s for future business.

Fancy Jewels BV is committed to ensuring that our supply chain is free of any diamonds which was procured for the support or benefit of armed and anti-social conflict groups or involving serious abuses of human rights and non-compliant with OECD Guidelines.

Fancy Jewels BV clearly criticizes such activity and will reject any material which we believe was obtained involving serious human rights violations or which benefitted or supported armed rebels or terrorist groups through illegal finance or other activities.

The company shall carry out risk assessment for its supply chain and shall not enter into any business relationship or if may require then shall suspend/discontinue the engagement with any such supplier involved in dealing with Conflict-Affected and High-Risk areas, Any form of Human Right Violation; Torture, Cruel, In-Human and Degrading Treatment; Forced/Compulsory Labour; Child Labour; Abuses such as widespread Sexual Violence; War Crimes; other serious violations of International Humanitarian Law, Crime against Humanity; Genocide and/or To Bribe or To be Bribed. We strictly condemn and prohibit any Direct/Indirect support to public/private security forces which illegally Control, Tax or Extort money from Mining Sites, Transportation Routes and Upstream Sectors.

The Company shall carry out due diligence to assess risks related to procurement from the Conflict-affected and high-risk areas – CAHRAs and shall always source from compliant miners/traders.

We shall always set reasonable efforts to source Diamonds from miners and traders validated as being Conflict Free and require their direct and indirect suppliers to do the same;

We strive to work supportively with our customers and supply chain partners in implementing conflict free compliance programs for Diamond Supply chain.

Policy – Due Diligence and Risk Assessment

The company shall always undertake to ensure that the extraction and trade of diamond support peace and development, not conflict.

Fancy Jewels BV remains committed to enhance its Supply Chain Due Diligence program through internal review and external assessments. We have zero tolerance policy for the supplier violating OECD due diligence guideline and we shall immediately stop commercial relationship if any of our business associates found non-compliant or High-Risk during our internal/external risk assessment.

All the suppliers are also requested to carry our risk assessment and due diligence for their suppliers and products they are sourcing.

Currently Fancy Jewels BV procure it’s diamonds from RJC CoP/Ethical business practice compliant miners/traders. However, we have established a strong due diligence process and we shall review it as an when we observed significant risk or upon receipt of any grievance or complaint but in normal course, we shall carry our due diligence process on annual basis.

Grievance Mechanism .

Our employees, suppliers and other parties can report concerns and alleged violations of supply chain/sourcing/due diligence policy as follows: .

Email: .

Reports can be made anonymously and will be kept confidential to the fullest extent practicable and allowed by law. We shall take action in 15 working days subject to the matter. .

We will not take any retaliatory action against our employees, suppliers, or other parties who make a report in good faith. .

Our suppliers are encouraged to contact if they wish to seek guidance on the application of this Policy. .

Date: 01/04/2022 Belgium.

Supplier Risk Assessment /Due Diligence Report.

We the senior management of Fancy Jewels BV and compliance officer has verified all our supplier with respect to following ;

Publication (Detailed report is with Compliance team and may produce to concerned parties upon request)

Compliance team of Fancy Jewels BV has completed the due diligence and Risk assessment of all its Diamond supplier with respect to latest BPP/RJC guideline and we found all our supplier are complying with requirements not found any risk pertaining to their business involvement in Conflict Affected and high risk Areas’ (CAHR’s).

To access our online inventory we collect your personal information for company use only. All information collected by Fancy Diamond Group is kept confidential. Your email address or contact information will never be sold to another company or used for unsolicited (SPAM) email. We need to share your name and address to shipping and Assurance Company or third party or other for shipping and insurance purpose. We are trying to issue minimum required personal data to them. We are not responsible for the misuse of the information by them.

At Fancy Diamond Group, we use cookies to simplify your shopping experience. A cookie is a small amount of information that is sent to your web browser from our web server. It allows us to remember information such as your requested items or items that you have added to your shopping basket. If you are not comfortable with enabling cookies in your browser preferences, please call us to request more information on items you are interested or to buy any items listed on our web site. No personal or confidential information is ever stored in a cookie stored from Fancy Diamond Group.

Fancy Diamond Group utilizes methods to track visitors to our site. Statistics that we track include what web site directed you to us, what browser type you use, and what time and date you visited us. These statistics are used to help us better serve our customers in the future.

The Company reserves the right to make any changes to our Terms and Conditions and/or our Privacy Policy (which is incorporated herein by reference) as we deem necessary or desirable without prior notification to you. We suggest to you, therefore, that you read our T&C and Privacy Policy from time to time in order that you stay informed as to any such changes. If we make changes to our T&C and Privacy Policy and you continue to use our Site, you are impliedly agreeing to the revised T&C and Privacy Policy expressed herein.

The procedure for remittance of money is very easy and simple. All you need to do is to approach your bankers and inform them to send the money by wire transfer to above mentioned correspondence bank address, giving authorization to pay the amount to the beneficiary i.e. Fancy Diamond Group

using the most highly equipped labor and skilled machinery. Our consistency in makes, quality material, well trained sellers create confidence in the client to trust in the name brand Fancy Diamond Group

For any queries or details you may contact at our head Office Mumbai.

All the visitors are advised to read below terms and conditions carefully. You already have agreed to this agreement by opening and viewing this website. If you are not agreed to the terms and conditions mentioned below, kindly quit this website now.

  • By reading and accepting the terms and conditions of Fancy Diamond Group , you are also accepting the privacy policy of Fancy Diamond Group . People are not allowed to visit or explore this site unless they accept the terms of use and privacy of this website.
  • This website holds the right to deny access of any user to this website following the terms of privacy policy of Fancy Diamond Group. This website also stores data and records for prohibition and other legal uses. The legal section of this site may change time to time for different legal reasons. The visitors should read the terms and conditions time to time in order to stay updated.
  • Fancy Diamond Group and all the content it has is owned by the owner of this site. has all copyrighted and restrained material. No one is allowed to use content from this site for any personal or professional use without permission from Fancy Diamond Group .
  • All the content of this site is specially written to provide you the detailed information about Fancy Diamond Group . The content is however not accurate to be fully relied on. The visitors are themselves responsible to rely on the website content and presume it as accurate. The Fancy Diamond Group team does not provide any guaranteed content for this site. So, do not make any payment or contract with any person who is using this content.
  • This website is not responsible for any harm caused to your computer system by opening it. All the risks are up to the visitor, the viruses, worms and other computer toxins are totally out of control of this website. The attack of viruses to your computer through any pop-up or advertising is at your own risk.
  • Any picture or content download from this site is at your own risk. Nothing is guaranteed virus free and harm free. The download can attack your hard disk, windows and other computer softwares. Make sure to avoid clicking on pop-ups and advertising on the site.
  • In case of a non-certified diamond, the customer is only placing order it is not a purchase.
  • The confirmation of the order is done if the product is available.
  • The order cannot be changed but it may be cancel if the shipment is not done.
  • The payment through web or other wire services must reach us in 5 working days or the ordered will be canceled.
Fancy Diamond Group return policy

The product can be returned in its original condition if the customer is not satisfied or any other reason. The customer must inform us about the return of the diamond within 2 working days from the receipt of the diamond. The product can be returned and refunded within 15 working days. The product will not be accepted or refunded after the given period of time.

All the Fancy Diamond Group diamonds are very carefully packed and with every pack there comes a certificate by Fancy Diamond Group . If you want to return the diamond you have to submit back the certificate along with the product.

Customers must insure the package before sending it back, in case of any damage of loss while shipping, Fancy Diamond Group will not be responsible.

Fancy Diamond Group team inspects and checks the returned item; the item will be refunded after the process of inspection. Any item that has been worn, altered or damaged will not be accepted for return.
Only the cost of the product will be refunded, no shipping, handling or insurance charges will be refunded. The refund will be made using the same mode of payment used in original purchase.

Shipment policy
  • Customers must double check the address and other details provided for the shipment. The shipment will be strictly made to the most accurate address that is provided.
  • The shipment will be made instantly after the process of payment being done.
  • Fancy Diamond Group is only responsible to pay for insurance and other delivery services of the product being shipped to FOB. Other taxes and charges are due on the customers.
  • The product can be shipped using any of the local or regional shipping offices.
  • An amount of USD 100 will be taken for the shipment and handling charges for every invoice less than USD 15000. Invoice above USD 15000 will be absolutely free of cost. The shipping will be done free to Hong Kong.
  • There will be no charges for any shipping or handling will be taken if the product is collected from Fancy Diamond Group office by customer himself.
Conflict free policy

Fancy Diamond Group is truly against the diamond conflicts in Africa and other states. The diamonds manufactured by Fancy Diamond Group are especially conflict free and are supplied by a very reliable source. Our company follows the UN policy of conflict free diamonds. Fancy Diamond Group provides documentary proofs in which customers and other people can inquire the source of Fancy Diamond Group diamonds which is absolutely conflict free.

Fancy Diamond Group price policy

All the prices mentioned on the site are in USD. The prices that are mentioned on the site are excluded with taxes and duties if applicable. The company always takes care of the price list and increasing or decreasing of diamond’s rate. In case of any human error like the price for any diamond is not updated or written wrong or any other price problem, the company will contact you and let you know before the shipping of the product. If you want to cancel your order for price confusion you can get it canceled before it gets shipped. In case of the product being shipped already, customers will have to pay the difference between actual and error prices. For anymore questions and guidance you can contact our service team anytime at

Payment policy
  • Advance payment only
  • Cash payment only
  • We have an option of payment-wire transfer for time being.
  • The payment must be made within 5 working days or your order will be canceled.
Minor policy

No information will not be collected or saved for any customer below 18 years old. If Fancy Diamond Group comes across such customer the information about him will be deleted from the systems.

Seller Identification

The merchant Site is an electronic commerce site located on Internet that may be accessed by any user of this network. This Site is owned by Fancy Jewels BVBA, Fancy Jewels Bvba Hoveniersstraat - 30 , Box - 269 , Antwerp Diamonds House - 124- 125 Antwerp (Belgium) and is registered in the Belgian register of Companies under reference n° BE 0869 779 006.

Fancy Diamond Group is a diamond merchant registered in Belgium under n° 4623 and Fancy Jewels has for over 10 years been a member of Diamantclub van Antwerpen cvba. permits Fancy Jewels to offer for sale diamonds (hereinafter called " Stones ") to customers browsing on their Site (hereinafter called " Users "). Under the present terms it is agreed that the User and FancyJewels will be collectively designated by the wording " Parties " and individually by the wording " Party " and that the User who has validated an order will be known as the " Buyer ". The rights and obligations of the user are necessarily and logically applicable to the Buyer.

For any further information the contact person to be reached is Fancy Jewels:

  • telephone n° : +32 32336742 - From 10 am to 5 pm (GMT + 1).
Our Mission

The present general sales terms have as object to define the rights and obligations of the Parties originating in the sale of Products presented on the Site.

Key Characteristics Of The Stones Offered

The key characteristics of each Product are described in the corresponding pages of the electronic catalogue on this Site. Pictures used for the presentation of the proposed products are not contractual and may in no way engage the responsibilities of the owner of the Site.

Any delivered Product can on request be accompanied by a diamond certificate established by an independent gemological laboratory (such as IGI, GIA, HRD, EGL), which bears a unique reference number, and describes the following characteristics: shape and cutting style, measurements, carat weight, color grade, color origin and color distribution. The clarity grade will not be included unless the client specifically asks for this, which is common practice for certification of natural color diamonds. Such a certificate has to be requested before the shipment, unless the diamond is already certified, and demands between 1-10 weeks of additional delay. The issuance of this certificate is made against a lump sum of 150 USD all taxes included for a GIA certificate, and 80 USD all taxes included for a IGI, HRD or EGL certificate.

The diamonds offered for sale are unique. It is therefore advisable to contact by telephone or e-mail the Site to make a reservation for the desired Product prior to the order confirmation.

The offer referred to in these present general sales terms as well as the delivery of the Products are made to all around the world.

Detailed Mention Of The Price Of The Stone

The price quoted at the end of the ordering process are prices ex VAT (Value Added Tax).

The price is shown in USD ($).

Only payments made in USD ($) or, on demand and after communication from Langerman Diamonds of the exchange value, in Euros (€) are accepted. The Site cannot be made responsible for mistakes or inaccuracy of the currency converter device nor for any difference that might occur between the estimated total amount of your order and the invoiced amount.

The payment is due at the time of the order. It can be made by wire transfer:

  • by transfer on our bank account ABN AMRO BANK NV ,
  • PELIKAANSTRAAT - 70-76 ,
  • A/C :- 674-5400462-92
  • IBAN :- BE12-674-54000462-92
  • In this case, the Product ordered will only be shipped after reception of the full payment. It is therefore advisable to make the payment as fast as possible.
  • By calling by telephone our Customer service: 0032 32 336742 - From 10 am to 5 pm (GMT +1).
  • By e-mail :
  • By fax : 0032 32 336731.
  • By mail : Fancy Jewels Bvba Hoveniersstraat - 30 , Box - 269 , Antwerp Diamonds House - 124- 125 Antwerp (Belgium).

The Site will establish an invoice. The Buyer is requested to provide a postal address for sending the invoice.

Vat Payment Terms

Tex = Excluding taxes; TInc = All taxes included. 
Unless otherwise mentioned, all prices mentioned on the Site exclude the Belgian VAT (Value Added Tax).

Individuals and companies: the sale is TInc, the Belgian VAT of 21 % will be added.

Individuals: the sale is TInc, the Belgian VAT of 21 % will be added. 
Companies: the sale is Tex (provided we are given a valid intra-community VAT number).

Individuals and Companies: the sale is made Tex exclusive of VAT. However, Buyers will be bound to declare this import in order to conform to the laws and regulations applicable in the country where they reside.

In accordance with the article 42, §4 of the Belgian VAT book, the sales of gemstones made to dealers in these goods are exempted from sales taxes insofar as they are registered as dealers in unmounted diamonds.

Shipping Costs

Deliveries are made all over the world. They are executed by Malca Amit, Brinks, Ferrari, fedex, Ups an international organization specialized in the transportation and handling of values.

The shipping costs are charged to the Buyer and are added to the price of the ordered Product.

Unless otherwise mentioned in the description of the product on the Site, shipping costs for an order amount to :

  • $180 TInc for orders reaching an amount equal to or below $2.500 TInc.
  • Free for orders above $2.500 TInc.

The packaging bears no written mention of its origins, so that its delivery remains confidential and secured.

Shipments with logistic partners are insured at our intervention until the moment the Buyer takes it into his custody.

In order to ensure its perfect and secured state during the shipment, all Products are carefully placed into a special box and protected by sealed packages.

For orders with a value below USD $1,000 we also propose a non-insured option with recorded and signed for mail at a cost of $50. This shipping option is not covered by an insurance and it is at the Buyer's risk. Delivery normally takes between 10 and 21 days.

Conclusion Of The On Line Contract

The User may browse through the different Products offered for sale on the Site.

The User may browse freely through the different pages of the Site without any order engagement whatsoever.

If the User wants to place an order he will have to select the different Products he is interested in and will confirm his selection by clicking on the box " Add to my box ".

Any new addition in his basket [caddy] will be confirmed by showing a specific screen.

At any time the User may :

  • get a summary of the Products he has already selected by clicking on " Cart”,
  • end his selection of Products and order these by clicking on " Confirm Order ".

The order is registered only after the information provided is confirmed as true and valid. The acceptance of the order is made for good after clicking on the button " Validate my order ".

The Site acknowledges receipt of the order as quickly as possible by sending an e-mail detailing the purchases made. This confirmation is made by sending an e-mail to the electronic address given by the Buyer at the time he has confirmed his order and by a telephone confirmation at the telephone number indicated by the Buyer.

At the moment of the confirmation, the Buyer is informed of the availability of the Product. If the order cannot be fulfilled, the Site advises the Buyer. The Buyer will be offered the possibility to be informed of the future availability of the missing Product by an e-mail.

Payment On Line

Currently We are providing the Wire transfer/Bank transfer.

Following are accounts details.




A/C :- 674-5400462-92

IBAN :- BE12-674-54000462-92





A/C NO :- 668 0002722-43

IBAN :- BE66-668-0002722-43


Revocation Delay

Returns made in application of Revocation Delay will only be accepted and reimbursed or exchanged if our specialists confirm that the gemstone conforms with the Product that has originally been shipped, without any damage, modification or intervention of any kind.

The Product must be shipped back in its original packaging, complete (original of the delivered certificate, packaging, case, instructions leaflet...), in perfect state of order accompanied by a copy of the original invoice of purchase. Hence, any Product shipped back incomplete, damaged or soiled will in no circumstances be accepted.

If a Buyer makes use of his right as described in the Revocation Delay, the costs for shipping back are of his own responsibility. The address for shipping back is: Fancy Jewels Bvba Hoveniersstraat - 30 , Box - 269 , Antwerp Diamonds House - 124- 125 Antwerp (Belgium). The return shipment is made under responsibility of the Buyer if he is not making use of the transporter recommended by the Site . The Product should not have been used by the Buyer.

Delivery Of The Good

The Site will make all and any reasonable efforts to deliver the diamonds in the best delay. Unless the Parties have otherwise agreed, the delivery will occur at the latest within the 30 days following the placement of the order.

The products are delivered to the address indicated by the Buyer during the ordering process. The transporter will only hand the products over to the Buyer against an official document proving his identity and the signature for reception of a shipping note. If the payment has been made by using a credit card, the Buyer, for his own security, will be asked to show his credit card and/or identitycard or a photocopy. Moreover, in this eventuality, the delivery will only be made if and when the delivery address is identical to the address of the Buyer.

It is imperative for the Buyer to verify the package and the Product at the time of the delivery. If at the time of the delivery the Buyer notices any visible damage he has to notify the transporter by making a written note on the shipping note before signing for reception. In any such case of visible or hidden damage, he has to notify by electronic mail and registered letter, his claim within the next 15 calendar days (including holidays) as of the date of the delivery (on the evidence of the stamp of the post office). After this delay no claim will be accepted.

If by special extraordinary circumstances, the Buyer does not receive his shipment within the month following his order, he is asked to inform the Seller (Fancy Jewels Bvba Hoveniersstraat - 30 , Box - 269 , Antwerp Diamonds House - 124- 125 Antwerp (Belgium).

0032 32 336742 or e-mail INFO@FANCYDIAMGROUP.COM

Property Risks

The transfer of property of the Product for the profit of the Buyer will only be completed after full payment, whatever the delivery date of the said Product. On the other hand, the transfer of the risks of loss or damage of the Product is made at the moment the Product is delivered and its reception by the Buyer. The date shown on the shipping note makes evidence for the date of delivery.


The Site guarantees that the delivered Product conforms to the accompanying diamond certificate.

Every Product is carefully inspected prior to transportation. The Buyer is requested to perform a similar inspection at the time of delivery. Claims must be made as defined under article 11 here above.

The Site endeavours to present the Products with the greatest accuracy. However, it is impossible to exactly reproduce the real color of a diamond on screen. Moreover the color depends on the hardware used by the Customer. Therefore, the responsibility of the Site cannot, as far as the exactness of the color is concerned, be committed. Therefore, the documents linked to the Products are given indicatively and are not contractual. The Site will not accept nor give a guarantee for claims based on the color or description of the Product.

In no way can the Site be made responsible for delays in the fulfilment of an Order nor for not executing it if the delay or non execution is a consequence of a technical reason or any other reasons beyond our control. In these circumstances, the Site is allowed to reasonably postpone the delivery or to simply cancel any pending Order.

No claim will be accepted nor any guarantee can be given beyond what is stated under Delivery of the good.

Guarantees as defined above are restrictive and replace any other guarantee whether implicit or explicit.

Intellectual Property

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